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  • Brandi Pickens

Building Resilience: How LEGO Play Can Help Your Kids Thrive

Child playing with Lego
Our 4-year-old getting ready to build his next LEGO creation for his Ninjago minifigures.

Building with Legos is a great way for kids to develop resilience and learn important life skills while having fun. These family-friendly activities promote STEM-focused programs and educational playtime, giving kids a chance to engage in hands-on learning in a way that feels like play.

Research shows that building with Legos can help kids develop resilience by encouraging them to experiment and problem-solve. Through trial and error, kids learn to adapt to different situations and develop the skills they need to overcome challenges.

In addition to building resilience, Legos also offer an opportunity for educational playtime. Kids can learn about concepts like math, engineering, and physics as they design and construct their own creations. This hands-on learning helps kids better understand complex ideas and make connections between what they learn in the classroom and the real world.

Whether doing some creative brick building on their own or in a group, building with Legos is a fun and engaging way for kids to learn important skills and develop resilience. So the next time you're looking for a family-friendly activity that promotes STEM-focused learning, consider pulling out the Legos and getting building!

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