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All About Lego Builder Picks

A Family of Lego Enthusiasts

Welcome to Lego Builder Picks! We are a family of passionate Lego builders with a love for creative brick building. Our 4-year-old son calls himself Wolf and our 6-year-old son goes by Dragon, and together we've turned our love for Lego into a family-friendly business.

At Lego Builder Picks, we specialize in providing STEM-focused programs that promote hands-on learning and educational playtime for all ages. Our passion for Lego building has inspired us to create a range of family-friendly activities that encourage creativity and problem-solving skills, while also promoting quality time together.

Our current favorite Lego creations are all things Ninjago, and we love sharing our latest builds and techniques with our community. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or just getting started, we have something for everyone at Lego Builder Picks.

Join us on our journey as we explore the endless possibilities of Lego and creative brick building. We're dedicated to inspiring others to discover the joy of hands-on learning and togetherness through Lego building. Follow us for inspiration, tips, and plenty of family fun!!

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